If you are like most parents, you have an extended job title. Mom or Dad, chef, house cleaner, laundress, window washer, and now cruise director. This isn’t just an extended summer vacation. Parents have to plan, organize, and implement lesson plans, meals, and activities. This compilation of activities is made with you in mind! Not only will you find something that your kid will enjoy, but, there are many websites included with rules, directions, and more activities! Have fun!

Send us pictures of your kids having fun with the activities! With your permission, we will post them on the website!

  1. Dance Party – create decorations, a playlist, dress-up, invitations.
  2. Make an inside fort with pillows, blankets, sheets…
  3. Scavenger hunt – Ready-made scavenger hunt with clues
  4. Make slime – Fluffy slime recipe!
  5. Set up a beauty salon. Try new hairstyles, manicures, pedicures!
  6. Create a restaurant. Make a menu, dress up, have a night out…in!

7. Make a play with toy figures.

8. Start your own cooking show!

9. Make a donation box with old toys.

10. Play with one of your old toys!

11. Create friendship bracelets. Ask the experts!

12. Bubbles! You can make your own. I know someone with a secret recipe! Bubble makers!

13. Collage Instructions

14. Create a cooking show. Make a video while making your favorite recipe and share it with the world!

15. Legos Big kids inspiration and Lego projects

16. Listen to a podcast or audiobook!


 17. Play cards. Here are the rules for tons of kid’s card games!

18. Origami – Easy origami instructions

19. Play indoor volleyball or soccer with balloons

20. Make invisible ink and create a secret message. How to make invisible ink

21. Paper airplane contest. Judge for creativity and then the length of the flight.



Play decorator. Redecorate a bedroom or get brave and try the living room! Take before and after pictures.


22. Play “I Spy”.

23. Organize your closets, dresser, cabinets!

24. Create your own stained glass.

25. Plan a family reunion online.

26. Magnets and Springs Learn all about it!

27. Playdough 6 different playdough recipes

28. The Floor is Lava Suburban architecture changed the way kids play…

29. Play decorator. Redecorate a bedroom or get brave and try the living room!

30. Play DJ – Try different genres.

31. Create and complete an obstacle course.

32. Bubble bath – 10 homemade bubble recipes

33. Puzzles

34. Puppet show

35. Scrapbooking

36. 20 Questions


37. Tic Tac Toe

38. Hangman

39. Tie-dye – All you need to know!

40 Decorate a T-shirt with puff paint.

41. Treasure bottle Instructions

42. Time capsule – COVID 19 Capsule Idea or Basic Capsule Ideas

43. Write letters

44. Kick the can. Instructions



45. Create your own family crest. Free online program

46. Pipe cleaner art – Rose ring, crowns, wands…and much more!

47. Build with toothpicks. Toothpick bridge

48. Q-tip Art Free lessons

49. Organize socks!

50. Capture the flag. Instructions

51. Learn the 50 U.S. States Cheatsheet

52. Learn your multiplication table Hands-on games

53. Blocks

54. Camping – in the yard or inside

55. Board games…not to be mistaken for BORED games.

56. Bake…cookies, cakes, goodies!

57. Train your pet!

58. Play Vlinder – Pro-fun, Pro-organization, Pro-good behavior! Instructions

59. Read a book!


60. Puzzle wreath Instructions

61. Make popsicles – Freeze your favorite juice…don’t forget to add a spoon for the handle!

62. Write thank-you notes to your teachers.

63. Game-night tournament. Make your own rules!

64. Take funny pictures and videos of your pets and share them with friends!

65. Play hide and seek.

66. Play “telephone” with your family! Or do it over the phone!

67. Make an amazing hideout with all your empty boxes.

68. Dance Party – create decorations, a playlist, dress-up, invitations.

69. Yoga – 5 best kid yoga videos online…for free!

70. Bingo – Free bingo cards

71. Look up your family tree!

72. Create a photo album.

Please share! You never know who needs help playing “Cruise Director”!