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Talk to who matters…the kids!

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The Problems

Problem 1

Far too many parents are giving up their rights to parent and they don’t even realize they are doing it. Doctors, teachers, Grandparents, neighbors, specialists, T.V. personalities, religious figure heads…and the list goes on. Suddenly you can’t make a decision without consulting and getting the nod that it is ok to make a parental decision. 


Problem 2

The idea that it takes a village is sweet, but it’s become a crutch. The theory grabbed all the adults out of society, got them talking about how to raise children in their day in age and it forgot to include the most important group of all, the children. On top of that, in many cases they were not invited. 

Problem 3

With so many decision maker out there telling you what’s best, based on the current weather conditions and talk show host, parents are starting to lose their self-esteem. It is nothing new to worry what neighbors will think, but it worrisome when it impacts the value system that you are instilling in your child. 


Thankfully the solution is not complicated and it’s already begun. We’ve defined a problem.  We’ve picked our team. And most important, we’ve nominated you our team leader.  We offer…FREE!

5 Steps To Breakthrough the Mystery of Your Child's Inner Workings.

The Solution in Motion

Family Values 

Once you have regained your voice. Learned how to be a team leader in your home with common goals based on family values that stem from decisions made between you and your partner. Your children will see the consistency between family members. These are no longer decisions based on who is watching, but because of who we are. Family pride is healthy and it will grow. 

There are three

Breakthrough options

After you have discovered some common goals and you are ready to work on creating health and happiness within your family, you may choose to continue with Breakthrough. Here are some options.




Parenting Packages include the positive reinforcement game that started it all!

100 Reward Cards, Pre-Filled Task Sheets, and Instructions.

What People Are Saying About Breakthrough

“I saw immediate results with our morning routine. My children became motivated by positive reinforcements and look forward to drawing a new card from the moment they wake up. It gives them a way to take responsibility for themselves and they continue to rise to the occasion more than a year later. This product was a game changer for us. Our mornings have gone from being a constant struggle to being the most pleasant part of our day. Our day begins on a positive note every day, something I did not know could be accomplished. I’m so grateful to have come across this product. It changes the negative struggles to positive reinforcements and I don’t have to be the bad guy anymore. I don’t have to be the ‘yelling’ mom. I don’t have to count to three, or threaten timeout and I don’t have to stand over my child for 7 minutes every morning trying to get her to brush her teeth… or put shoes on… or, or, or!! I love it!!!! I would recommend this to any family for any struggle – big or small!!! Just for example’s sake… they set their alarm and get themselves up for school, make their beds, put their dishes in the sink, pack their lunches, and so much more. I don’t have to ask for these things, it’s just the promise of drawing more cards that motivates them. Seriously… it’s like magic!”

Rachel Armor

Customer Since 2016

I have 9-year old boy and 3-year old daughter.  As full-time working parents, busy mornings and evenings makes our house hold a bit chaotic.  With Vlinder, my son knows exactly what my expectations are.  It saves me from asking him what to do all the time.  My daughter just follows her brother and copies what he does.  Sometimes she is the one who makes her bed before her brother and tells him to do the same!  This has been a great tool for my family because it’s so organized for parents to follow and make it fun for kids!  I recommend Vlinder for parents looking for organized ways to teach their kids daily responsibilities and recognize their efforts in a fun way.

Fumie Mihaly

Customer Since 2015

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