Our Mission

At Breakthrough, LLC our mission is to offer families tools they need to create an environment of structure and support with the reinforcement that encourages growth.

It’s amazing how quickly and easily you can implement Vlinder in your home! Once you spend a little time setting up this system, you only need to 5-10 minutes a day to keep your family running smoothly – and communicating clearly!

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The Vlinder Story

The daughter of a Pan Am pilot, Jennifer was born in West Germany. She grew up in the United States and earned a Sociology degree at the University of California, Davis. In 1996, she married and relocated to Portland, Oregon, where she taught social skills to state prison inmates. In 1998, Jennifer was chosen to help launch an alternative school for teen mothers in North Portland. She worked closely with the Portland Public Schools and the local community to create pilot projects that offered services to children of all ages.

In 2002, Jennifer returned to California to work with mothers of children age 4 and under who suffered from drug/alcohol abuse. By 2011, she began working with children in residential treatment centers and the community at large. Jennifer achieved great success by helping children modify the long-term negative behavior habits they had adopted to cope with their difficult lives.

Jennifer created Breakthrough in 2015 to manage her three sons’ behavior. Due to a lack of responsibility and too much free time, her boys started acting out negative behaviors. Using the techniques she had gained from two decades of work and education with young people, Jennifer implemented a structured reward system in her home.

The entire family had fun participating in this game, and she witnessed a huge change in their daily routine. Her boys met her expectations, needed less re-direction, and actively participated in daily household tasks. The boys were excited to earn stamps and pick out Reward Cards. Jennifer’s family spent quality time together by supporting each other’s game play and following through with rewards.

Jennifer was amazed by the effortless and immediate positive changes this game brought to her family. She developed the Vlinder game and created a pilot program to share her success with other families – with amazing results across the board! With her help and insights, parents like you can manage your chaotic schedules and watch your children thrive and grow!

Vlinder: A Behavior Modification Game

The Vlinder game includes two important components: Task Sheets and Reward Cards. Parents and caregivers can use them to create environments that foster positive life skills and correct unwanted behaviors.

Task Sheets are customizable responsibility lists that provide daily structure for children. These responsibilities include household chores, as well as nurturing relationships at home and in the community.

Reward Cards give children incentives and motivations to follow through with the responsibilities on their Task Sheets.

Vlinder also enhances other life skills, which have more to do with process than tasks. From the very beginning of the game, family members learn to communicate openly with each other. Children learn teamwork skills, how to ask for help, and the best ways to respond to others’ requests. Vlinder players learn to manage stress and anger – and reach out to their support systems.

Everyone who plays Vlinder wins the game!

What Motivates Your Children?

We all have different motivations, but we all respond well to the promise of reward. Vlinder uses rewards that you can find around your home, in your support network, and in your children’s imaginations. Your kids earn these rewards (shown on Reward Cards) by accomplishing tasks on their Task Sheets. The game includes 100 Reward Cards, as well as 4 blank cards you can customize with your children as you discover their unique motivations.

Vlinder helps parents and caregivers learn to set clear goals and expectations. You will find instructions on the backs of your Task Sheets that help you clarify and break down each of your children’s tasks. Task Sheets initiate the specific responsibilities children are expected to complete and define criteria for successful completion. You can customize both tasks and expectations, letting you collaborate with your kids (and even scratch out expectations that don’t make sense for a particular child). By asking questions and listening to your children’s answers, you’ll discover their natural excitement to contribute to the process. Kids can provide a wealth of information about their motivations to accomplish simple household tasks.

B.F. Skinner, a famous Behaviorist psychologist, recognized the role of both positive and negative reinforcement in shaping behavior. In his research, he observed that consistency facilitated long-term change. Vlinder helps parents and caregivers maintain consistency at home by challenging children to succeed, providing clear expectations, and offering a fun and motivational reward system.You deserve the best! With Vlinder, you can simplify and streamline your family schedule and enjoy an easy-to-manage home!