Hello, Parents everywhere!

This blog is for those of us that have recently needed to start homeschooling their children due to the Coronavirus. I don’t know about you but I found it tricky not treating it like an extended holiday. Once I realized my kids weren’t going back to school I figured out quickly that I needed a tracking system. Between the emails, Zoom meetings, Google classroom notes, and the links they sent me too, I was quickly overwhelmed. 

To make sure that my kids were doing all of the subjects, not just the fun ones, I decided to restructure Breakthrough’s reward system and task sheet.

The benefits for Breakthrough’s Homeschool Helper are: 
1. The system creates a structure for an experience that no one is accustomed to. 
2. The task sheet prompts daily conversation about expectations.
3. The game provides an element of fun which helps to encourage and motivate.
4. The reward cards are created to support our current living conditions. 
5. (*New) Breakthrough Tokens are created to collect and save for a prize later down the line. You and your child get to choose what the special item or event is.  Perhaps something nice to do to acclimate to life in public again!
6. Versions are available in full color, colored pencil, or black and white. 

Special offer
Extreme conditions equal extreme savings. It’s time to get a break and just receive something helpful. This was the break I needed. I hope that it will help you as well!

1. BT Homeschool Helper Instructions: A full set of instructions to teach you how to set up the game and get the most out of it. 
2. BT Reward Cards (and Tokens): A set of cards that include BT Tokens, various amounts of coin, daily rewards that can be found around the home, game cards that add some spice, and bummer cards that add some extra spice. 
3. BT Task Sheet: 1 side provides a list of tasks and expectations (customizable) and the second side provides explanations and the point structure.

Breakthrough’s game, Vlinder, normally sells for $34.99 in its digital version. I’m keeping this ridiculously low price around until this virus hits the road. If you feel that this would help a friend or family member the offer is available on the website as well.  www.ourbreakthroughs.com Stay healthy and patient! 

Son, Not Playing, But Changing

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Deb Thomas

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Results Immediate and Long Lasting

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