How to Discipline Your Child – Punishment isn’t the Way

We want our children to learn from their mistakes and not repeat them. So the natural thought is to send them to the “time out” corner or up to their room to “think about what they’ve done.” Except they don’t. And they’re likely to keep up the same behaviors despite the punishment. So, how do you know how to discipline your child?

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Helpful Hints of Healing

We all haven’t faced the easiest of lives. Unfortunately along for the ride are our little ones. As much as we try to protect them, their experience is undeniably different from that of their friends. It isn’t your fault. You might be able to look back and see things you could have done better, but isn’t that true of everyone? You do the best you can with the hand you’re dealt. As a result, your child may start to display some poor coping strategies and behaviors. There are positive methods that you can do that support your child.

Why Writing Thank You Notes Teaches Good Manners

You may or may not advocate handwritten thank you notes in your home; no doubt, you have your reasons either way. Some folks believe the practice is outdated and the idea shouldn’t be forced on unwilling kids. Others were taught when they were young that writing letters of thanks after receiving presents was a polite measure and want their kids to do the same. Perhaps no one is right or wrong, but kids can benefit from expressing their gratitude by writing thank you notes; here’s how.

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An Overview of Behavioral Psychology

Behaviorism, also known as behavioral psychology, is a theory of learning based on the idea that all behaviors are acquired through conditioning. Conditioning occurs through interaction with the environment. Behaviorists believe that our responses to environmental stimuli shape our actions.

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Vlinder Littles

Welcome Vlinder Little, the newest addition to the Breakthrough family. We also welcome our youngest clients who start at the age of 3. Breakthrough has decided to label Vlinder Little as a Behavior Reinforcement game rather than a behavior modification game. Behaviors which are addressed and reinforced are social skills, personal [...]

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The Safety Parent

A long time ago I had a scary conversation about child predators and how to keep our children safe. The talk progressed sharing fear-based stories heard on the news, internet and via word of mouth. We naturally helped each other as each tale got more difficult to fathom. It followed with good parenting advice on how to prepare children for such a potentially horrible world. What hit me later is that I don’t want my kids to grow up fearful. I want to instill confidence.

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Vlinder Elf Tips

It’s that time of year when parents get a couple of extra hands to keep an on eye on things. I’m talking about the elves. I appreciate using the little guys and gals to help bring some order into the home. There are a few things to keep in mind to make sure that this is helping your quest to maintain long term change and not adding additional stressors to your kiddos.

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Where Are All the Grandparenting Books?

I read a book about what it feels like to get old to my son the other night hoping to gain some empathy for my aging parents. It is the only book of its kind in our library. There are plenty of books about relationships with siblings, friends and pets but not any regarding the difficulty of understanding those two generations their senior. Looks like the Vlinder Club has another subject to discuss!

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Vlinder Reward Cards

Thank you Breakthrough and Vlinder families! November was the month of gratitude. Now December is our chance to give back! Our gift to you is a set of Vlinder Reward Cards. All you have to pay is shipping. Behavior management is right at your fingertips!

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