Are You Listening?

What many of us consider to be the traits of a good listener, in fact, turn out not to be. How many of these listening habits do you fall under?

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Positive Reinforcement and Anger Management

Here are some signs that your child may have an anger management problem. Continue reading for some helpful tips on how to help modify unwanted behavior.

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Behavior Modification Programs Forever?

What I am going to talk about today is how you can phase out a behavior modification program such as Vlinder. Like any good tool, it is nice to know that there are times when it can be put away for safe keeping.

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The 12 Days of Giving

It's that time of year again.  How many acts of kindness can you offer your friends, family and community?

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I am Thankful

At the end of November, I always take some time out to remember all that I have to be thankful for. Today I am thankful to all of you who come to my website and make it possible for me to help families bring some cooperation and peace to their [...]

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The Importance of Immediate Reward

Today I want to talk about the importance of rewarding positive behavior in a timely manner when utilizing a positive reinforcement model. There are many reasons why this is important. The first being to understand the effort that you and your family are putting forth is worth seeing through to completion.

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8 Halloween Reminders

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Learning to Reward Positive Behavior

Vlinder was created as a behavior modification game. I have three young boys and I was looking for a fun and innovative way to address behaviors that were unwanted. After networking with other parents and hearing similar stories I implemented a reward system to not only address specific behaviors but [...]

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Family Building with Intention

The most important team is family.  A family supports one another to meet their potential.  Without proper recognition of this ultimate goal, we put important family matters on a back burner. To put family first takes intention. We must recognize the need and follow steps to meet that need.  Note [...]

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