Children need a sense of purpose. During this time away from school, friends, and activities it is a good idea to implement some structure. You can utilize Vlinder your Breakthrough game, and/or Breakthrough Homeschool Helper, to meet both of those goals.

One of the suggestions from the CDC is to keep your home clean. Another is to continuously wash your hands. You can use the Vlinder Task Sheet to create a list of activities around the house that allows your children to be part of a solution while making it fun with the structure provided in the game. Here is a list of potential tasks that your child can complete during the course of a day.

  • Wash your hands 10 times throughout the day.
  • Clean all surfaces in your bedroom with a household cleaner.
  • Clean all doorknobs in the house with a household cleaner.
  • Clean all remotes in the house with a household cleaner.
  • Read for 30 minutes.
  • Brush or bathe pets.
  • Make the bed and put sheets in the laundry as needed.
  • Clean 3 toys (each day)
  • Write about how you feel.
  • Limit playing with electronics.
  • Call a friend.

During this time families are spending more time with each other and less time with friends. It can get stir crazy and many find outlets by taking it out on the people they love the most. Discover some tasks that can address this. This allows your child to be proactively working toward something rather than reacting because of something.

  • Help your sibling with a task.
  • Play a game with your sibling.
  • If angry/frustrated I voiced my feelings appropriately.
  • I didn’t react when a family member was angry with me.
  • I used “I” language when expressing my feelings. (Tips on children expressing feelings)
  • When bored I found something on my own to do.
  • I apologized for inappropriate behavior.

If you choose a behavior that you would like your child to work on and need help finding tasks that support positive change, email me at jenn@breakthroughbuzz.com. Include an explanation of the behavior and what you would like to see happen. I will email you back within 24 hours.

If you are reading these suggestions and you do not have Vlinder yet, then this is a good time to get it. Breakthrough is very aware that many families have lost their source of income during this crazy time. In response, we have two ways for you to get your game for a drastically reduced price.

  1. Get the digital version of Vlinder for $14.99. You will get everything you need to start the game right away (value of $34.99). (Digital Vlinder)
  • You can pick and choose which reward cards you want to copy.
  • Blank reward cards are available to add some unique rewards for your home and situation.
  • Tasks are pre-written for you on the Task Sheet with 2-3 empty spaces for your new quarantine related tasks.
  1. Order the Replacement Reward Cards for $34.99 and receive the Instructions and Task Sheets digitally for free (value of $63.99). (Reward Cards)
  • Reward Cards are printed and cut for you.
  • You have access to the pre-made Task Sheet AND the Interactive Task Sheet online. This allows you to change your tasks on a regular basis.
  • 4 blank reward cards are available to add some unique rewards for your home and situation.

Please contact us with any questions. We are here to support families. If you have not already signed up for our Parenting Tips, please follow the link to add your name to our Vlinder Families. (Parenting Tips)

Visit us at www.breakthroughparenting.rocks