Why the need to teach life skills? Why the need to teach problem-solving? You have a problem, your intuition kicks in and you act. That is the way most people go about solving a problem. The issue with that is you can create more problems that way, often for other people you do not intend. There isn’t clear insight as to what the real problem is, who else may be impacted and then there certainly isn’t a step-in place to make sure your problem has been corrected. If the players involved like to smooth things over it could be some time before you realize you are still at square one.

This leads me to the first question, which was why the need to teach life skills? The answer is I’m not starting anyone off at square one. You are continuously learning life-skills which means what my program does is elevate the life-skills process. To look at the first solution your intuition kicks in. What I ask for you to do is acknowledge your intuition and give it more choices and more information. Don’t get stuck on autopilot but live a life of intentional choices. It’s one of my favorite concepts, living your life with intention.

Unfortunately for some, in extreme cases, when you don’t learn life-skills, and you don’t learn how to live life on life’s terms you end up going to prison. Society first puts the responsibility on the family to teach these important lessons, then when they are not learned government steps in to lay down the law. It seems a little backward to me. I believe there should be more resources available to live according to the norms and make a living. But that is why I’ve made them so accessible on my website and made it my calling.

When I taught life-skills in prison over 20 years ago the inmates asked how they were supposed to apply what they learned in their homes. The idea seemed foreign to them. I received the same question years later from at-risk youth. This is why my program is built to start and practice in the home. And the fact is that the more the parents role-model the positive behaviors for their children, the more their children will follow in their footsteps. Especially with some positive reinforcement.

Clearly, I’m not saying the reason to elevate your life skills process is to stay out of prison, although it sounds like a good motivator to me. But what I am saying is that getting families to speak a common positive pro-social language around the home will support stronger relationships, more effective communication, and better stress and anger management. This leads to meeting long term goals of health and happiness.

There is more information about the Breakthrough membership at Breakthroughkid.com. There are problem-solving courses available at no cost. They are about getting to know what your expectations are for your child and then the other is about helping you solve a problem that your child may have. The same process would work for your problems as well. You wouldn’t need another course! It comes with all sorts of goodies. I hope you take advantage of it.

Vlinder is a first-ever, one of a kind interactive family life-skills game. It helps parents pinpoint what their expectations are for their children, teaches children how to meet those responsibilities and while accomplishing those tasks families are increasing their communication skills, problem-solving abilities, teamwork, stress management and spending quality time with each other. Overall Vlinder is a win-win for the entire family.