So far you have brainstormed different expectations that you have for your child and taken the time to understand why they are important to you. That inventory became three smaller lists which were ordered according to your child’s capabilities. Finally, you shared your work with your child gleaning helpful information to support you in your journey toward parenting with intention.

Step four is to compile a list of tasks and expectations based on your efforts from the past week.   This list should reflect what you want to begin working on in the present. Save your notes for future reviews. When implementing a new system it is best to start small and add additional responsibilities as success is achieved. Enjoy sharing the list with your child and celebrate the fact that they have reached an age where you are trusting them to do their part in running a smooth household.

This concludes the first series of Parenting with Intention. I hope that you have found it helpful. I have enjoyed being on this part of the journey with you.  You have not only created a list but also opened up a communication channel that will serve you well. Some families use their lists to create chore charts. Others use it to implement a parenting plan. Vlinder was created to implement a behavior modification plan with a reward system. You can learn more information about Vlinder on the About Page of my website, www.ourbreakthroughs.com.