The most important team is family.  A family supports one another to meet their potential.  Without proper recognition of this ultimate goal, we put important family matters on a back burner. To put family first takes intention. We must recognize the need and follow steps to meet that need.  Note I am not suggesting that there has to be a problem for this to be a fact.  In a busy world where we rely on the family the most, our efforts to give as much as we take are taxing and stressful. Follow these five steps to identify your need, define your goal and support your team.

The first step is to identify your goal.  I suggested that supporting family members is a need. It is better to be more specific when defining the goal.  Examples are limiting work-related events in the home or creating a special time to address personal family issues.

The second step is to brainstorm ideas to meet your goal. Be creative.  Write down all the ideas, no matter how random they seem. 

The third step is to choose which course you wish to follow.  Be specific and write down exactly what you aim to do. 

The fourth step is to implement your solution. Allow for a period of time to pass and be aware of the changes that occur in your home with your new routine. Don’t despair if you are not seeing the results as quickly as you had hoped.  Change takes time.

The final step is to evaluate your results. This is an important step. It lets you know whether or not you have met your goal or if you need to redefine the problem. The important thing is that you have defined a problem, sought a solution and perhaps most important, you are aware.

Follow these steps as many times as needed. Results will vary, dependent on your goal and your definition of success. Using the intention to implement new strategies to organize your priorities is already a step in the right direction.