• Vlinder Reward Cards (Set of 100) and Vlinder Task Sheet (Set of 20)
  • Vlinder is a fun and exciting way to engage with your littles. Communication skills, team building, and importantly good behavior is all addressed.  Vlinder was written to be a behavior modification program. It has evolved into a game that is fun for all to participate. Behavior management has never been so easy. This only takes a few moments a day to maintain and has a lifetime of reward.

    Product Description

    Task Sheets are customizable responsibility lists that provide daily structure for children. For littles it includes simple tasks such as saying hello, washing hands, tidying up, no biting, etc. There is also space to create your own responsibilities. Reward Cards give children incentives and motivations to follow through with the responsibilities on their Task Sheets. It is great fun to watch and participate. A game card carefully lays out the rules of the game so that you can follow the Vlinder structure.