Breakthrough’s Vlinder – The Board Game

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Breakthrough’s Vlinder – The Board Game


Vlinder Reward Cards (Set of 100) and Vlinder Task Sheet (Set of 20)

Product Description

Reward Cards (Set of 100)
Cards represent rewards earned once a player has received a minimum of 9 stamps.
Daily Reward Cards (32): A variety of smaller rewards.
Weekly Reward Cards (24): A variety of larger rewards.
Money Reward Cards (14): Cards which represent increments of money.
Game Cards (14): Cards which provide players more opportunities to earn rewards.
Bummer Cards (16): Watch out for the Bummer Cards! Bummer Cards work as incentives to motivate your kiddos.
Rewards are described on the back of the Reward Cards.

Vlinder Task Sheets
12 responsibility Task Sheets (Set of 20)
Front of sheet lists morning responsibilities.
Space for goal setting and tallying daily rewards is provided.
Back of sheet provides a full description of each responsibility and a matrix for both Daily and Weekly Rewards.
3 blank spaces are provided to personalize a Task sheet front and back.

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 9 x 3 in


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