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Welcome to Breakthrough

We help families replace old negative habits while integrating new positive ones.


You can purchase Breakthrough (Vlinder) 3 ways. (1) With an online app that we call the Interactive Task Sheet. With this you only need the rules and a set of reward cards. You can change your tasks weekly! (2) You can download the game. This allows you to download extra cards if needed. (3) Finally if you want us to do the printing and cutting for you you can buy the game from us. There are pros to each way you purchase the game. What serves your family the best?

Product Description

Breakthrough Reward Cards (Set of 100)
Cards represent rewards earned once a player has received a minimum of 9 stamps.
Daily Reward Cards (32): A variety of smaller rewards.
Weekly Reward Cards (24): A variety of larger rewards.
Money Reward Cards (14): Cards which represent increments of money.
Game Cards (14): Cards which provide players more opportunities to earn rewards.
Bummer Cards (16): Watch out for the Bummer Cards! Bummer Cards work as incentives to motivate your kiddos.
Rewards are described on the back of the Reward Cards.



Breakthrough Task Sheets
12 responsibility Task Sheets (Set of 20)
Front of sheet lists morning responsibilities.
Space for goal setting and tallying daily rewards is provided.
Back of sheet provides a full description of each responsibility and a matrix for both Daily and Weekly Rewards.
3 blank spaces are provided to personalize a Task sheet front and back.

Interactive Vlinder Task Sheet…………….44.99

We send you the link to the Interactive Task Sheet and mail you the Reward Cards and Rules.

Downloadable Vlinder……..34.99

You download everything off the internet. 

Vlinder the game…………………………………$63.99

The Vlinder Game is printed, cut and boxed for you.

Consultations are available on parenting, anger and stress management, life direction. Follow the link to make your appointment.

“Jenn was a big support when I purchased Vlinder. At first I just went with the basic ones that were on the papers, but then I called and figured out ways to be more direct with behaviors that I actually needed to work on like lying.” June Johnson


Have you run out?

Replacement Vlinder Reward Cards

Replacement Vlinder Task Sheets

Vlinder Littles

Vlinder is available for the littles! Here you can purchase Vlinder with images only.

Need Something More Custom? You Dream It, We’ll Create It.