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Keenan and Jayden

Keenan and Jayden being twins had a natural competitiveness to them. We added a point to help them work on their supporting one another throughout the mornings and it helped with their fighting right away. Instead of arguing who was getting their points done faster they were helping each other get them done…making each others beds, cleaning up breakfast bowls. It was like different kids over night.

Aileigh, Avery and Ireland

I saw immediate results with our morning routine. My children became motivated by positive reinforcements and look forward to drawing a new card from the moment they wake up. It gives them a way to take responsibility for themselves and they continue to rise to the occasion more than a year later. This product was a game changer for us. Our mornings have gone from being a constant struggle to being the most pleasant part of our day. Our day begins on a positive note every day, something I did not know could be accomplished. I’m so grateful to have come across this product. It changes the negative struggles to positive reinforcements and I don’t have to be the bad guy anymore. I don’t have to be the ‘yelling’ mom. I don’t have to count to three, or threaten timeout and I don’t have to stand over my child for 7 minutes every morning trying to get her to brush her teeth… or put shoes on… or, or, or!! I love it!!!! I would recommend this to any family for any struggle – big or small!!! Just for example’s sake… they set their alarm and get themselves up for school, make their beds, put their dishes in the sink, pack their lunches, and so much more. I don’t have to ask for these things, it’s just the promise of drawing more cards that motivates them. Seriously… it’s like magic!


Working great. Zachary is a little more challenging because he becomes a bit obsessed about earning the cards. But overall working well. I think we might try an after school task sheet rather than the morning because we don’t really have trouble with organization in the mornings, it’s more after school.

Mars and Ella

I have 9-year old boy and 3-year old daughter.  As full-time working parents, busy mornings and evenings makes our house hold a bit chaotic.  With Vlinder, my son knows exactly what my expectations are.  It saves me from asking him what to do all the time.  My daughter just follows her brother and copies what he does.  Sometimes she is the one who makes her bed before her brother and tells him to do the same!  This has been a great tool for my family because it’s so organized for parents to follow and make it fun for kids!  I recommend Vlinder for parents looking for organized ways to teach their kids daily responsibilities and recognize their efforts in a fun way.

Jackson and brothers

I am finding it easier to have the boys get things done since they know potential rewards are involved.

Reilly and Evan

We used Vlinder for our morning routine. My son would set an alarm to make sure he got up on time he was so excited to start his list of things to do. It helped with the communication in the mornings a lot. I did not feel like I needed to constantly remind them what to do.


We love it! I would strongly recommend this for anyone who wants their mornings with their children to run smoothly! It is brilliant!
Ameera was eager to get her morning tasks completed without being reminded. She took charge and felt good about all that she accomplished.

Isaac and Isabella

It was surprisingly fun to add Vlinder to our lives. I was originally worried that ADDING anything to our schedule would add stress, and take away time, but the opposite is true. Vlinder has taken away stress, given me more time, and my kids have stopped fighting with each other 24 hours a day.


Michiel started out strong, wanting to earn all of his points. More out of being competitive then wanting rewards. It wasn’t until we were a little further along in the game, and the newness had worn off that he started to show his growth. Even when he didn’t want to complete tasks he would do it to be a good role model or to get the rewards at the end of the day. Vlinder helped provide the structure day in and day out that we could count on.


I can’t believe what a change I’ve seen in my 8-year-old son,
and he’s not even playing the game; just his little sister is playing.

Her good manners have set such a good example for him,
that he now has better behavior when interacting with her. Due
to less arguments with his sister, he now has a much more positive view of her.
He now greets her with hugs when he comes home, and he invites her to join
in on playtime.

He also has started helping out with chores.

When I ask him to help me with something, he immediately responds, instead of ignoring me, as he has always done in the past.
He sees his little sister taking responsibility, and he doesn’t want to be left out. He now makes his bed in the morning,
and for the first time in his life, will clean up his toys when asked.


Dear Vlinder,

This game has had a positive effect on my 6-year-old daughter, and my whole family.

I can’t believe how fast this game has led to teaching my daughter leadership skills and responsibility. She was a new girl on day one. Her improved behavior has brought peace to our whole household.

She now thinks twice before arguing with her brother, and doesn’t overreact when
other kids tease, or exclude her, as is the norm for kids in her age group. She consciously makes a decision to set the example, by walking away from poor behavior, and is aware that in doing so, she is a leader.

On the occasion that she reverts, I’ll ask her if she’s working on her leadership skills right now, and then she’ll rethink a better solution to her situation, and in just seconds, her decision-making skills are back on track.

This game has also taught her responsibility. She comes to me, daily, asking if I can give her any chores, she does her homework without argument, and she even makes her bed in the morning.

She is so proud to be praised for her behavior, and she is aware that she has earned the respect because of her own actions.

The game teaches good manners, which leads to good habits, and good habits will lead to a positive future for our daughter.

Thank you Vlinder!

Deborah Thomas