Breakthrough Offers…

The Original Vlinder Game for ages 4-12

Vlinder for Daycare and Preschools

Customizable Interactive Task Sheet for all ages

Monthly Membership to the Vlinder Club

Consultation Plans

All New Vlinder Littles Game for ages 3 and up

 Why Vlinder?

  • Strengthen your child’s social and emotional resilience through play!

  • Make big changes in your home, without big resistance.

  • Use game-like tactics to teach long-term life lessons.

  • Experience everyday responsibilities while practicing to communicate, cooperate and connect.

Vlinder is more than just a game – it is a game changer.  It is an influential tool that brings out your child’s strengths and heads-off difficulties.  This powerful project gives your child a better opportunity to grow and creates a home environment of which they can be proud.

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