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We all need a Breakthrough when it comes to our family relationships. Breakthroughs that are done through play are specifically more memorable and habit forming than those through stress and aggravation. What I do is I show families how to integrate new positive habits with young children, replacing old undesirable ones. I do this so fully that parents are amazed and wowed by the results. Just go to and get our free pass to 5 Steps to Breakthrough the Mystery of Your Child’s Inner Workings.


Breakthrough’s Mission

Parenting with Intention. Everything that works doesn’t have to come with a big price tag. 

Our mission is to offer families tools they need to create an environment of structure and support with the reinforcement that encourages growth.


  • Strengthen your child’s social and emotional resilience through play!

  • Make big changes in your home, without big resistance.

  • Use game-like tactics to teach long-term life lessons.

  • Experience everyday responsibilities while practicing to communicate, cooperate and connect.

Vlinder is more than just a game – it is a game changer.  It is an influential tool that brings out your child’s strengths and heads-off difficulties.  This powerful project gives your child a better opportunity to grow and creates a home environment of which they can be proud.

-Jennifer Smit

Breakthrough, LLc and Vlinder

Simply put it’s positive reinforcement.

Sometimes you give your child a smile which is rewarding enough. That’s how simple this game is. You get to use what you’ve learned along the way to help reinforce new behaviors that you want your child to hold on to. 

Operant Learning

Operant Conditioning is when your child learns a lesson because they learned an association between a behavior and a reward or consequence.  

Reward vs Bribery

I’ve written an entire blog on this subject. In short…a bribe is when you are offering payment at the moment to stop a behavior. No planning and no conversation. A reward is an arrangement that is discussed prior to any situation and is agreed upon. Especially with regards to playing Vlinder, this subject is non-negotiable.

Bummer Cards

Bummer cards are cards placed in the pack to be funny. They can be taken out at any time if the family does not feel that they serve a purpose.

Interactive Task Sheet

There are two different types of Task Sheets. One that you can make on your own, online. That is the Interactive Task Sheet. There is also one that is premade.


Consultations are available. They vary in price but normally run about $40/hour. Consultations are by appointment only.


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Breakthrough Into Your Child’s Inner Workings – (Step 1) Discover the Problem

Breakthrough Into the Mystery of Your Child’s Inner Workings is a series of classes that dive into the problem-solving process and help parents learn how to discover what is wrong with their children, according to their children in many cases and how to solve these problems. This course can be taken as a family unit or individually. This is a sneak peek into the first step.

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